Marriage Preparation

Marriage preparation is an educational and psycho therapeutic process were a couple accesses the relationship drinks and challenges we believe marriage preparation is a powerful investment that doesn’t just focus on longevity of marriage but also on building is fulfilling, intimate and close relationship that enriches the lives of both partners.

Marriage preparation provides couples with the opportunity to take a candid look at the relationship and future together. Couples often consider future plans such as roles within the relationship, planned family planning, financial strategizing, communication style, and family history.

Our practice offers certified facilitators in prepare/enrich, which is a research based assessment tool that quickly and effectively identifies a couple strengths along with areas of needed growth.

 Prepare an enrichment address
 Strengths and areas of needed growth
 identity in managing major life stressors
 conflict resolution
 strengthening communication skills
 developing a more balanced relationship
 exploring family of origin issues
 Financial planning and budgeting
 Establishing personal, couple and family goals
 I understand it and appreciation Differences